Remedy for Acne that You Could does at Home

The remedy for acne could help people that want to relieve the acne scars on their face, because it could affected their appearance. People are sometimes get annoyed by the appearance of acnes because it is not only give them pains, but the acnes could make them become not confident with their appearance. This article will give you some tips to help you treat the acnes and you could do it by yourself at home.

Remedy for Acne Using Natural Treatments

There are two types of treatments that you could do to treat the acnes, the natural and medical treatments. If you just want to treat your acnes without need to go to the doctor, it is better for you to choose the natural treatment. The natural remedy for acne is using natural ingredients that will not give you negative side effects. The first step in natural remedy for acne on face that you could do is by using tea tree oil. You could easily find the tea tree oil in some drugstores or on the online stores. You just need to apply the tea tree oil using your clean fingers on the acnes. You need to do these treatments once up to two times a day until the acnes disappear. The effects of tea tree oil will take a longer time than if you use medical ointment to relieve the acnes, but it would not give you negative side effects.

The second natural remedy for acne that you could do at home is by using vegetables and herbs. You could use tomato, garlic, turmeric powders, neem leaves, vitex and guggul. You also could rub the acnes using fresh garlic that will kill the bacteria around the acnes. All of this vegetables and herbs will help you to relieve the acne without need to spend too much money.

Remedy for Acne Scars

Sometimes, the acnes that appear on your face will leave some scars if you do not take remedy for acne. The acnes will get irritated and then leave acne scars. You could do some remedy for acne scars to eliminate the acne scars that could affected your appearance. The effects of the appearance of acnes that mostly annoyed people are the scars that will remain stay on their face even the acnes are already recovered. The acne scars could cause a lack of confidence towards the people, especially teenagers. They will feel unsatisfied with their self-image.

You could prevent the acne to leaving a scar by taking the remedy for acne scars. You do not need to spend too much money by going to dermatologist to clean the scars; you could do it by yourself at home. You could use the distillation of lemon or limes, honey and olive oil and then applied it on the acne scars. You need to do the treatments regularly to maintain the progress of cleansing acne scars process.

The most important treatment that you need to do is by always cleansing your face using cleansing foam with ingredients that will fight acnes whenever you take a shower and after going to somewhere. You also need to pay attention in what kinds of food that you are eating. Avoid foods that will only trigger an excessive production of oil. The remedy for acne would not be successful without any discipline from you.

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