Propionibacterium Acnes: A Cause of Your Acnes

If you are wondering about what is actually the cause of acne problem that you are facing now, you have to know that the problem might come because of a bacterium which is common to be called as propionibacterium acnes. You might simply think that the acnes on your face come because you do not pay enough attention in taking care of your hygiene. In fact, the problem is actually something more complex than the thought you have in mind.

In this article, you will be able to know some general information about propionibacterium acnes. The information might be beneficial for you, especially if you are a person with acne problem as mentioned previously. With more knowledge about the bacterium, hopefully you will be able to deal with your skin problem better.

General Information about Propionibacterium Acnes

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, propionibacterium acnes are a bacterium which is known to be one cause of acne problem. Although they are known to be the cause of acne problem, it does not mean that they have no ability to create other skin problems. The fact is that they also have the ability to create some skin infections, including a type of inflammation which is known as blepharitis. It is quite surprising that this skin inflammation might reach chronic level if the cause of it is this bacterium. Besides this one, there are also some other skin problems caused by the same bacterium too. For example, there is another common inflammation often called as endophthalmitis.

If the main topic which is talked about is acne problem, there is a common situation that is often found about this bacterium, which is related to the growth of it. Usually, propionibacterium acnes are quite slow in growing. Some researches which are done by those who are experts in some related field prove that the approximate time needed by the bacterium to grow into a kind of colony, which later on create the acne problem, is for about 6 days.

It is known that the most common area on human body in which the propionibacterium acnes grow is face. Although it is so, it does not mean that this bacterium have no ability to grow in some other areas. Other area which is also known to be a proper place for them to grow is in the area of hair follicle. You might even hear about some tips that if you want to be away from acnes, it is better for you to keep your hair away from your face, right? Now you know that reason why you have to do this.

Further Explanation about Propionibacterium Acnes

If you want further information about the bacteria, including about propionibacterium acnes diagnosis and also propionibacterium acnes causes, of course there is a right party that you can go to in order to get all information you need. The party meant here can be dermatologist or some other skin specialist. Try to contact one of them now and you will of course get better knowledge about propionibacterium acnes.