High Fiber Low Carbs Foods for Your Healthy Life

High fiber low carbs foods are needed if you want to maintain your health and get the healthy digestion. You should know that when you consume the foods that are high in fiber, there will be no digestion problems, like constipation, that you can suffer from. Keep in mind that when you have the healthy digestion, you will automatically have quick metabolism that can make you lose your weight. It is not only that, but fibers, like protein, also stay in your stomach longer than carbs foods. That is why you may feel full most of the time and will not crave for the other carbs foods.

High Fiber Low Carbs Foods: the First Lists

The first list in high fiber low carbs foods is barn. Barn includes oat, rice, wheat, and corn. The great thing about barn is it does not only contain fiber, but also vitamin B6 and magnesium. That is why you can be sure that barn will totally maintain your health since it also contains the other nutrition contents that will be good for your body. The second list is cocoa powder and dark chocolate. Most people think that chocolate contains many sugars that can make increase your level of blood sugar. In fact, when it comes to dark chocolate, you can be sure that it can be added in high fiber low carbs food list.

Spices, dried herbs, and peppers can also be the great choice. The great thing about those foods is they can be combined to your daily meal, and in fact they can increase the taste of the meal. You just have to add it based on your personal preference. Sesame seeds, sesame butter, and flax can also be useful in high fiber low carbs. Soybeans may be the popular choice that can be used as a snack between your meal times.

High Fiber Low Carbs Foods: the Next Lists

Do not forget tomatoes. You should know that that kind of food, especially the one that has been sun-dried, will give you the right amount of fiber that will make you have healthy digestion. Nuts, like pecans, almonds, and pistachio are also the best snack that you can consume if you feel like eating between your meal times since those are the high fiber low carbs foods. Sunflower seeds can also be added in your high fiber low carbs foods meal plan. It is because sunflower seeds do not only contain fiber, but also protein, vitamin B1, B6, and E.

Beans are also something that is recommended if you are looking for high fiber low carbs foods. The French, navy, white, and kidney beans should be boiled perfectly if you want to get the high fiber in it. Passion fruit can also be the good choice for you.

It is also important to consume the other high fiber fruits, like apple, banana, avocado, kiwi, pears, oranges, guava, berries, and prunes. All of them can help you getting the healthy digestion. One thing for sure, you should also take water as much as possible in a day combined with high fiber low carbs foods to maintain your health.

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