Foods That Are High in Fiber for Your Health

Foods that are high in fiber are needed for you to make sure that you have the healthy digestion. Keep in mind that when you have the sufficient fiber in your body, you can lose your weight too. Most people who have lack of fiber will find the problems in their digestion, like constipation. That is why when you suffer from constipation, it is always recommended to consume foods that have fibers. It is not only that, but this kind of food will stay longer in your stomach, so that you can stay full most of the time. When you are full, automatically, you will not crave for the other “bad” foods.

Foods That Are High in Fiber: the First Five Foods

When you consume these foods that are high in fiber, you will have the healthy digestion and at the same time can lose more weight too. The first one is barn. The barn in this case includes oat, rice, wheat, and corn. You should know that those foods do not only contain high fiber, but also magnesium and vitamin B6. The second one is peppers, dried herbs, and spices. These foods also contain many vitamins. You can add them in your daily foods. For the dose, it depends on your personal preference and the amount of meals.

Dark chocolate and cocoa powder can also be the best choice when it comes to foods that are high in fiber. You should know that chocolate does not make you fat if you consume it in a right dose. On the contrary, dark chocolate contains potassium and iron. The flax, sesame butter and sesame seeds can also be the best choice in foods that are high in fiber and low in fat. That is why it is better as the best foods for diet. Soybeans can also be chosen. Keep in mind it is the dry roasted ones that should be picked. This is the great choice for your snack. You can choose the low sodium one to keep your blood pressure low.

Foods That Are High in Fiber: the Other Five Foods

Tomatoes can also be the good choice for you in foods that are high in fiber. Yet, it should be the tomatoes that have been sun-dried. It is because that kind of tomato contains high potassium and iron. You can use this dried tomatoes in your salad or pizza. Next, nuts are also the best one. Nuts include pecans, pistachio, and almonds. Those can be used as snacks between meal times too. Sunflower seeds can also be the healthy snack in your diet time. The seeds of sunflower also contain vitamin E, B6, B1, and protein. That is why it can also be considered as foods that are high in fiber and protein.

It is also recommended for you if you consume beans. Beans include kidney, French, navy, and white. You should also know that the mature beans that are boiled well provide the high fiber. Last one is passion fruit. Passion fruit is also known as granadilla. It is the tropical fruit that can be the best foods that are high in fiber.

If you want to lose weight, it is important if you combine the high fiber foods and high protein foods. One thing you should know, it will be better if you do the exercise and consume much water too. It is important for you to start a healthy life with foods that are high in fiber.

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