Intel Core i7 Review: Some Best Things about This New CPU

In this Intel Core i7 Review, you will be able to know some information about the CPU. First of all, it seems to be better for you to know that there are some series of this i7 CPU can be found now. They are including i7 930 as mentioned in some Intel Core i7 review  or some other reviews like Intel Core i7 review Cnet and also i7 3770K.

Intel Core i7 Review: The Reasons to choose i7

There are some major reasons that will be stated in this Intel Core i7 Review which no other is but the reasons can be used as considerations to choose i7 rather than any other CPU. The first reason is because this one is known to be nowadays fastest CPU. The fastest the CPU is sure to be better because the work of the computer in which the CPU is installed will be faster too.

Next, it is known that i7 has better quality graphic than some previous Intel CPU products or some other brands of CPU can be found in the same period of time. This fact is sure to be a kind of gift for people who prefer to get some HD graphics from the CPU they choose because the quality of graphics given will surely be much better. Other thing that is also interesting in this Intel Core i7 Review is that i7 is known to have some other better vital stats, including 3.5GHz clockspeed, 4 cores, 8 threads, 8MB cache, 22nm process, and also a socket with Intel LGA 1155.

Price of Intel Core i7 Review

The range of price for i7 CPU is sure to be quite various. It is not only because there are some different series of i7 can be found. It is also about the fact that each store might apply different range of price for the item. For i7 930, it is known that its launch price is for about $240 based on some Intel Core i7 Review. slot gacor rp888 slot gacor bos9 slot dana slot bonus slot bonus slot gacor jamslot88 slot shopeepay slot88 slot88 slot77 slot88 slot dana slot zeus slot gacor